Life as a Cooperating Teacher with SFTR

Cooperating Teachers with SFTR

SFTR recruits and selects Cooperating Teachers (CTs) who can guide the development of residents towards being effective and equity-centered teachers. SFTR Cooperating Teachers are current SFUSD teachers who provide student-centered instruction in San Francisco neighborhoods that have been traditionally underserved. Our CTs act as coaches and mentors to our Residents and help support them to lead instruction, first in individual lessons and eventually taking over the class for periods of time.

For the complete list of qualifications and benefits, please email us..

Qualifications to serve as a Cooperating Teacher with SFTR include:

  • 5 years teaching experience
  • Demonstrated success working with traditionally underperforming students and those from diverse racial, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds
  • Demonstration of belief that all students can learn regardless of class, race, culture, linguistic background, gender, and physical ability, and implementation of strategies to support those beliefs
  • Demonstrated commitment to one’s own ongoing professional learning
  • Strong skills in collaboration, communication, coaching and problem-solving

The benefits of serving as an SFTR Cooperating Teacher are numerous:

  • Professional recognition for exemplary work
  • A $2500 stipend
  • Professional learning opportunities with other SFTR Cooperating Teachers
  • An opportunity to expand and extend the traditional role of the classroom teacher to include coaching, mentoring, and teaching of teachers
  • Opportunities to engage in conversations about teaching, learning and mentoring in a supportive environment

To learn more about our Cooperating Teachers, or to become a Cooperating Teacher, please contact Esther Woo, Interim Director of Clinical Teacher Education via email.

SFTR Cooperating Teachers engaging in peer-led professional development

SFTR Cooperating Teachers engaging in peer-led professional development