SFTR Network Schools

Rosa Parks Elementary School

Rosa Parks Elementary integrates three distinctive program strands – General Education (GE) with STEAM focus, Special Education (SpEd), and the Japanese Bilingual Bicultural Program (JBBP) – into a vibrant and unified academic community with shared values of success for all students. In keeping with the SFUSD Strategic Plan, Rosa Parks is committed to ensuring students equal access to the resources and opportunities they need to thrive. Engaging high achieving and joyful learners at Rosa Parks means that teachers work with each student’s strengths, that students cooperate in project-based activities, and that learning is culturally relevant. Our dedicated teachers respond to students’ diverse learning styles. They offer opportunities to learn outside of the classroom through performing arts and field trips. An outdoor classroom, outdoor kitchen and two hands-on gardens have transformed the schoolyard into outdoor learning areas and created green oases of nature for our school and community.

Raoul Wallenberg High School

Located in the heart of San Francisco, Wallenberg offers a rigorous educational program that prepares our diverse students for success in college, careers, and life. We provide students with a supportive, safe and caring small school environment that emphasizes academics, athletics, the arts, and student involvement in clubs and extracurricular activities. We offer AP courses in all core subjects. Students are challenged and inspired by a dedicated and talented faculty and staff.
We are committed to ensuring that our students have equitable educational outcomes and to enhancing each student’s creativity, self-discipline, and the opportunity to grow and shine as responsible citizens. Our small school fosters close student-staff relationships. We get to know each student’s strengths and weaknesses and are able to reinforce student academic and social growth. We have structures in place to promote high achievement, including diagnostic counseling, preparation for college enrollment and communication among disciplines.
Ongoing interaction, assessment, and feedback ensure that all students have the opportunity to discover the joy of learning and reach high achievement for their own goals. Parents are always welcome at Wallenberg and are encouraged to become involved in the school. Our culture of service and support, and our relationships with students, families, and communities are among the keys to our school’s success, and a source of pride and strength for all Wallenberg students.

Lakeshore Elementary School

Lakeshore truly represents the diversity of San Francisco. Located directly across the street from Lake Merced, our students and families are able to appreciate the beauty and charm of the area in an urban district. Lowell High School and San Francisco State University are our neighboring schools, with whom we work closely to expand opportunities to ensure all students are academically, socially and emotionally prepared for middle school and beyond.

Our school vision is to ensure that our students are academically, socially and emotionally prepared for middle and high school when they leave 5th grade. Our students will possess excellent communication and life skills, the ability to communicate effectively and develop positive relationships, be empowered to take on challenges in all aspects of their lives, and to be critical thinkers and problem solvers for the benefit of their communities and families. 

Lakeshore families come from far and wide with a range of experience in schools, speaking many languages and needing a range of social and academic supports. We employ a full time School Social Worker and Elementary Adviser to meet social and behavioral needs of our students. In 2019-20 we will employ a full time teacher as a literacy specialist to serve the academic needs of all students.

George Washington High School

George Washington offers its students an outstanding comprehensive education in a culturally rich environment. Students can choose from more than 100 course offerings, with 52 sections of honors and AP classes. Students at George Washington also have the opportunity to tap into a network of more than 50 campus clubs and student groups and a full inter-scholastic athletic program, with 22 teams in 15 sports. Washington has an active Beacon program, Wellness center, Parent Teacher Student Association, and alumni association.

George Washington High School provides a learning environment that is safe and secure, promotes high academic and ethical standards, and prepares all students to become successful lifelong learners in a global, multicultural society. We believe that equity means not only providing equal access to school resources, but providing appropriate support so all students can take advantage of all resources. We encourage our students to explore every academic opportunity available.

Our school mission is that every George Washington High School student will be a lifelong learner who can think critically with a social conscience, and strive to reach their full potential while maintaining mental and physical health. Students will grow to be resilient, productive, and contributing members of their communities. Our school wide learning outcomes are aligned with the SFUSD Vision 20205:

Daniel Webster Elementary School

Daniel Webster’s mission is to foster a multi-cultural environment by challenging existing inequities, to engage our community in every aspect of learning, and to promote the well-being of all. Daniel Webster is a small, intimate school with both General Education and Spanish Dual-Immersion strands. We are a diverse cultural community that welcomes all families, diverse perspectives, new ideas, and creative solutions to strengthen the learning environment for our students. We work tirelessly to provide all our students with the resources they need to succeed.
We have a history of strong parent involvement and parent-led initiatives that support our school programs. We firmly believe that students achieve more when the larger community is involved in their education. We encourage all families to participate in various ways: in the classroom, at school events, in school governance, and at student performances.

Aptos MS

Aptos Middle School’s mission is to provide an enriching, engaging, and empowering educational experience with equitable outcomes for each student using critical pedagogy and research-based, multi-tiered systems of instruction and intervention to promote student self-mastery, scholarship, and social justice.