Resident Life as

A Day in the Life of an SFTR Resident

During the residency year, SFTR residents put in a lot of hours learning and preparing to become a lead teacher the following year.  Residents spend approximately 5 hours/day at their assigned school site, and work the same calendar year that SFUSD teachers follow (early August through the end of May).  Most coursework takes place in the evenings approximately 3 nights per week.  Some SFTR specific classes are held on Friday’s during the school day or during the summertime.

Typical Schedule 

6:30 Wake up, get ready for work
7:15 Travel to work by bus, finish reading for class that night
8:00 Meet with Cooperating Teacher, set up classroom
8:30 Greet students and parents.  Teaching day begins
11:30 Lunch break
12:30 Lead small group activity
2:00 Leave school, take bus back to USF, read on bus and at coffee shop near campus
4:45 Class starts
7:45 Class is over; go with another resident to grab pizza
9:00 Go home, plan lessons
10:30 Reading for class
11:30 Go to sleep