Teaching in SFUSD

Teaching in SFUSD 

Teaching is often considered a noble profession. We suppose that’s true. But teaching in San Francisco is much more than a personally rewarding experience. Instead, SFTR residents and alumni describe teaching here as ‘energizing,’ ‘challenging,’ ‘life-giving,’ ‘sacred,’ and truly a ‘social justice mission.’

“If you are passionate about working with underserved communities of students in San Francisco, nothing prepares you better than SFTR. As a first year teacher, I rely on my SFTR training and experience daily.”

Maria Martinez, SFTR Graduate & Math Teacher at John O’Connell High School

San Francisco has a large population of students from communities that have been historically underserved. And while San Francisco is one of the most resource-rich, and economically prosperous places in the nation – many children, families, and communities remain without the resources they need to thrive. This paradigm definitely makes teaching in San Francisco challenging at times, but it also allows teaching to become a tool to provide access, equity, and justice for San Francisco’s kids and families.

“My abilities as teacher visibly improved, in large part because of the consciousness SFTR gave me around equity in the classroom.”

Bryan Olney, SFTR Graduate & Science Teacher at Thurgood Marshall High School

SFTR residents and alumni, SFUSD cooperating teachers, and our Teaching Academy principals all share a deep belief that our students are brilliant and can excel no matter their zip-code, their neighborhood, or their country of origin.

“The SFTR partnership with SFUSD easily transitioned me from being a student teacher to an active employee in SFUSD.”

Kyra Bajeera, SFTR Graduate & Math Teacher at Mission High School